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TRD spoiler – Billys new 86

This weekend Billy brought down his new 86 so i could give him a hand installing his new TRD spoiler.

This also gave me a great reason to try out my new lens.

As you can see, the spoiler definitely adds much needed shape to the rear of the car.

I really love using this lens.

Hopefully not too long and we should have some photos of this dropped and fitted with some nice wheels.

– David


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Hardtuned Meet

As Admin/Events Coordinator for Hardtuned.net(Victoria) Neil was asked to organise the Victorian part of a nation wide Hard Tuned Meet and Greet on Sunday 15th July. So at 4pm we headed down to Docklands to see what Melbourne had on offer.

As expected, a shit load of people turned up for the meet, and the cars just kept on coming.

Everything from modded R35 GTR’s

Featuring quiet a few tasty mods, including these perfect sized Forge Wheels.

Shaun and Jared’s Aristo and Sileighty respectively.

VIP Aristo

Jareds Sileighty sitting nice on his new SSR wheels


Perfect MX5

This Z was by far the best sounding car on the day

It was great to see the Melbourne car scene out in force, with over 250 cars turning up for the meet.

Overall a great meet with an eclectic array of cars on display.

– David


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Garage Cafe

A few of us decided to cruise down to Garage Cafe for a meet up and some good food. Unfortunately it was MX5 night, so there was no room for our cars inside.

Not your usual Camry

With no tripod, i was struggling to get any decent photos of our cars, i did however get a couple of good shots of this Stanceworks Camry. Love it or hate it, it certainly has a presence.

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Calder Park Open Drift Day

So a few weekends ago we attended the second Calder Park open drift day that was being run by VicDrift.

Needless to say the day ran smoothly with little down time and lots of flow, so much flow i ran out of tyres.

Calder to me is probably the funnest track in Vic to drive, nothing like driving 20 min down the road, thrashing all day, then driving home.


Ryans daily onevia and my rx7 waiting for the next session.


After having my car tuned by Anthony Rodiguez from Maztech the car is now what it should have always been, an absolute animal.Image

Me and Gerald destroying the ozone.






The work horse.


150kw = 1 set of tyres for the day, making it a hell of a lot cheaper to drive, yet just as fun.


gets a little hard to see when following this bushfire.

With any luck Calder will see the light and continue to run these days. The demand is there and it never hurts to have more than one track to drive at. So the next time a Calder day pops up, make sure you jump on it, even if you arent driving, get down and support the scene.


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