Essential Primal Garage S13/S14/S15/AE/KE/FC3S Drift Knuckles

When it comes to setting up drift cars and custom modifications we do it all.

Custom knuckles we make:-

  • Nissan Silvia S13, S14, S15
  • Toyota Corolla (AE86, #E7#)
  • Mazda RX7 FC3S
  • Toyota Corona

Each of these knuckles reduce your turns lock to lock, Increase your Lock and you Do not need any other mods to make use of them(but to get the maximum out of your setup we suggest using rack spacers and modifying your lock stops). We have alot of guys around the country from general street cars to full dedicated Drift cars using our knuckles.

We do these on an exchange basis so you send me yours and we’ll mod them up/paint them and send them back to you.

The must have drift item. Below is a picture of our FC sporting the new design knuckles!!


16 responses to “Essential Primal Garage S13/S14/S15/AE/KE/FC3S Drift Knuckles

  1. nick howlin

    hey guys i’m super interested in a pair of your drift knuckles for my s14! how much does it cost , and about how long does it take to recieve the finished product?

    • primalgarage

      Hey mate, depends on if your in melbourne (we can make them while you wait) or if its via post 1 day turn around.

  2. Brad

    Hi just wondering what a price would be for this? and also what modifications are actualy made to the knuckle, as I’m looking to put them on my s12 and have a hybrid s12/13 suspension setup, just so I no that it will all still fit and work, and also were in melb?

    Thanks guys

    • primalgarage

      Hi Mate. Knuckles are $300. The knuckles are cut and tig welded changing the acherman and angle of where the tie rod end bolts up increasing lock and reducing your steering turns lock to lock. on an s13 it reduces your turning circle by 3.5mtrs over stock!. Were located in West Footscray, your more than welcome to come down and have a look.

      Primal Garage

  3. brenton

    Hi Guys, how much for the knuckles, im in SA so will have to ship them to me, do you need mine? 180sx! do i have to do 5 lug conversion?

    • primalgarage

      Hey mate.

      We do either s13 or s14 knuckles so whatever knuckles your currently using on your car we do. If you send me your knuckles i can mod them up and send them back to you for $330.

      Primal Garage

  4. Zander

    Have a set of these on my car! Best mod I have ever done in 10 years of having an import!

  5. Hakan

    Hey ive got a 180sx , i was wondering how much it would cost for knuckles . also where Are you located . i live in sunshine west Melbourne

  6. Jordan

    hi I need my s13 knuckles modded just wondering if you are still doing them

  7. rex

    do you also make knuckles for r32?

  8. ben

    hey guys chasing drift knuckles for fc 3 i don’t live in melbourne

    • primalgarage

      Hi Ben

      That’s ok as we just recently made a set and sent them to Adelaide. Send me yours via e-go couriers and we’ll make them up and send them back to you ASAP!


  9. Jarred

    Hey Team, i have an S13 with 5 stud conversion, would have to post from NT down and back. Happy to pay the extra freight!

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