Christmas’d think we’d be slowing down for a break..think again

At this time of year most shops are finishing up and closing down for a much needed holiday. At Primal we dont know the meaning of taking holidays, in fact we just put the final touches on two of the coolest cars of 2013..

First off this red s15 came in looking a bit worse for wear, a well worn example of a JDM import sporting an aero kit.

What we did :-

– Cut and modified rear guards for maximum clearance
– Garage Mak Front 40mm guards
– Gararge Mak Rear 55mm guards
– Rocket Dancer boot wing
– Supermade roof wing
– AME TM02 Tracers 18×10 +18, 18×10.5 +22 sporting 285/35/18
– Cusco engine mounts
– NPC clutch
– Holfords Brake Master
– Braided hose kit for the turbo


Secondly we finished off Matts S14.

– Full revert back to stock car to pass rwc
– Ganador style mirrors
– Navan Front bar
– S14 Luxury side skirts
– JDM Rear Bar
– JDM Rear Lights
– Origin Labs boot wing
– Lowered the car 3″ all round
– 17″ Mesh wheels all round


2014 is looking to be another big year for the workshop..We’ve already started working on a R33 Drift car getting it ready for the 2014 season..


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